Our paper machine was brought in from Belgium with the vision to manufacture a high quality board which can be used for the packing industry. With that vision in mind we have made continuous modifications and up gradations in the last 20 years which have made us the pioneers in all forms of paper board making technologies. The companies that we have purchased new machines from are all highly reputed machine manufacturers across the globe.
Our paper making process can be divided into 4 Major functions.

Step 1 : Pulping Process

This is the first stage of the paper making process where our raw materials are mixed with water slushed to a low consistency. Our raw materials consist of 100% recycle fiber which is collected mostly from local sources. We import high quality waste paper from around the world to maintain the quality parameters. We have recently upgraded our existing pulpers to high consistency pulpers to achieve a better slushing result. It also improves the quality of the fiber as it removes contaminants as this stage itself.

Step 2 : Stock Preparation

After the pulping stage the stock needs to cleaned to free itself from contaminants and to get it up to the quality that we require. We are proud to have the latest and the most extensive stock preparation system in the industry which helps us to maintain a good quality pulp stock. Each layer consists of their own cleaning systems like course screening machines, centri-cleaners, dispersers and thickeners. Additionally, all three streets have consistency regulators which     are present in two stages which help to regulate the consistency as per requirement of paper/board machine.

Step 3 : Paper Machine


Our machine consists of 8 multi-cylinder moulds with a total of 8 formers, and one extractor mould. 
We have a system for dewatering the paper with vacuum systems and a hot dryer. 
Our drying section consists of several dryers and a MG to impart glaze on top surface. 
We also have a size press to improve the sizing surface properties. 
We have a state of the art system of online coating for our top, pre and bottom layers. Here is where we maintain the surface printing parameters through use of imported chemicals from reputed companies from across the world. 

Step 4 : Cutting & Finishing

Our cutting section comprises of 3 imported cutters to cater the size requirements of our customers. These cutters are of very high quality resulting in little or no size variations. In addition to this we also have a rewinder to cater to the needs of customers who require paper in reel forms. After cutting the paper is packed according to the needs of customer and is dispatched.