Our Products

Super Chromo White Back - This is a better variety of board than Eco Board. Through this board we can offer our customers a high quality printing result because of the superior surface properties. The back layer of this board is white which allows the customer to carry out back side printing.

Eco Board Grey Back - This is a multi layered board with the outer surface unbleached and grey. It has a high degree of stiffness and a smooth surface which makes the board apt for operations for stamping, lamination, etc.

Eco White - Through this grade we offer all the benefits of the Eco Board with the top being white. The surface whiteness is made higher for a better printing finish.

We are proud to offer 2 new variants in our product portfolio.

White Kraft Liner - This is a high burst factor(bf) Kraft board with the top being white to allow the customer the benefits of a high strength board with printing capabilities

Kraft Back - This is a grade developed for customers who need the same high quality top surface of our Eco Board but with more strength. With the addition of Kraft in the back layer we achieve a higher level of bursting strength and better stiffness properties.